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USB to RS232 Serial

USB to RS232 Serial

USB to RS232 Serial adapters are small, reliable, and easy-to-use devices for computers (PCs) and other electronic devices. They enable the connection of a device that uses RS232 serial communication to a PC or any USB port. It provides an instant way for serial transmission over the standard USB port with full data transfer rate support. It provides RS232 serial connection through standard type A USB ports with COM port retention, which allow you to easily insert or remove without re-configuring your computer settings. 

- Supports all types of Windows operating systems
- Plug and Play technology allows quick and easy connections 

- The USB/RS232 Serial Adapter enables reliable connections to get work done faster with easy attachment of compatible devices. 
- Its plug and play Technology allows you quickly set up connections without having to reconfigure the operating system settings. 
- This device also offers incredible for the highest level of performance in data transfers.