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USB to Lightning Cables

USB to Lightning Cables

USB to Lightning cables are premium-quality cables specifically designed to connect Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods with the universal standard USB port. Constructed of sturdy yet flexible materials these durable cords support fast charging while providing reliability you can depend upon. Featuring resilient shielding and robust internal wiring that prevents weak signals or interference, USB to Lightning cables offer impressive performance and extended life. And with a variety of lengths, there’s sure to be one perfect for your needs!

- Reversible 8-pin connector for lightning devices
- Durable construction in a range of lengths
- Built-in safety protocols 
- Supports rapid charging and data transfer 

- Easily connect your lightning devices with any USB device for fast, reliable power and data transfer capabilities without worry of damage or interference.
- Charges your devices quickly & safely. 
- Conveniently choose from many different cable lengths so that you have the perfect amount of slack when it comes time to charge up your magical techy companion!