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USB Hubs

USB Hubs

USB hubs are devices that allow you to connect multiple USB devices to one port on your computer. They offer an ideal way to quickly add more useful ports and make it possible for you to manage different external devices from a single port, without needing to extend the length of cables.
USB Hubs have become increasingly popular in recent years, due to their convenience, small size and cost-effectiveness – all excellent factors for any user looking to make their life easier.

- Multi-port connections
- Plug&play capability 
- Ability to charge mobile phones and tablets while connected 
- Hot swapping capabilities 

- Easily increase the number of available USB ports on any computer or laptop, eliminating the need for long and cumbersome USB extension cables. 
- Increased compatibility with modern peripherals such as printers, keyboards/mice, cameras, smartphones or hard drives - all can be connected at once! 
- No need to continually unplug/replug USB connections when switching between peripherals – simply hot swap by pressing the dedicated switches. 
- Reduce clutter with the ability to charge multiple mobile phones and tablets simultaneously through the same hub.