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USB Extenders

USB Extenders

USB Extenders are a great way to increase the range of your USB devices. Simply plug in the extender on one side, and it will extend up to 165 feet away for extended reach for your USB device. With easy setup, you can use your USB devices without having to move or rearrange furniture or equipment. Plus, it supports all standard USB devices – from hard drives and scanners to webcams and digital cameras. 

- Supports up to two USB 2.0/3.0 ports 
- Easy installation with Plug & Play setup 
- Transmits data up to 165 feet 

- Increase the range of your USB Devices - no need to rearrange furniture or equipment 
- Compatible with all standard USB devices, including external hard drives, scanner, mice and keyboards  
- Can be daisy chained together for even longer distances