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Power Adapters

Power Adapters

Power Adapters are compact and travel-friendly accessories designed to allow you to use your electronics and appliances while on the go. With these adapters, you can safely charge laptops, cell phones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices in any country worldwide. Choose from a variety of different adapters to fit your specific needs. These adapters come in multiple sizes for compatibility with a variety of input plugs. Select models also feature built-in voltage converters to save you money and energy. 

- Lightweight & Portable design - Compact adapter design is perfect for traveling 
- Voltage converts - Conveniently convert 120/240V AC outlets to 5/12V DC power outlets 
- Plug types available - Available in multiple sizes and shapes including US/EU/AUS/UK plugs 

- Safely charge your laptop, phone or tablet anywhere throughout the world 
- Easily take devices with you when traveling abroad without worrying about voltage compatibility or plug size  
- Built-in safety features such as surge protection prevent any electrical shorts