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SCSI Cables

SCSI Cables

Our SCSI Cables are essential for every data storage solution, providing ultra-fast connections between devices and systems. These premium, carefully designed cables guarantee reliable performance, durability and precision for even the most demanding digital projects. From internal cables for connecting hard drives and CD-ROMs to external options for scanners and tape drivers, our selection of SCSI cables offers maximum performance with minimal footprint. 

- Vast selection of sizes, types and lengths of SCSI cables to fit any need
- Shielded connections reduce EMI/RFI interference—perfect for high speed applications
- High speed transmission up to 50MB/s (depending on cable type)
- Flexible design fits into tight places while maintaining dependable connection

- Optimize your data transfer rates with dual core support up to 80MB/s when using special low noise shielded SCSI cables
- Experience superior reliability and protection from external electromagnetic or radio-frequency interferences that can cause data drops or outages.