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PC Cables

PC Cables

Our PC Cables provide a wide range of connection solutions for networking, printer, modems and many others. We carry premium quality Serial & Null Modem Cables in a variety of lengths to meet your needs. We also carry the latest Gender Changers and Null modem adapters for legacy applications.

- Premium quality cables for PCs, networking, printer and modem applications 
- Ranging from ethernet cables to serial cables 
- High grade PVC jacketing prevents signal interference 
- Variety of lengths allows you to customize user experience to desired application 

- Provides reliable connection between various devices quickly and easily 
- Seamlessly transmits data at super high speeds with maximum signal stability 
- Durable construction ensures greater longevity compared to other inferior options available

What is a Null Modem and How Does it Work?

A null modem is an RS-232 serial cable that allows two computers to communicate with each other without a conventional modem. It uses the transmission and reception lines of one computer to connect directly with another computer. A null modem cable enables communication in both directions, as opposed to a regular modem which only has one-way communication capabilities.

What is a serial cable?

A serial cable is a type of communication cable with multiple pins commonly used to connect hardware components or computers. It typically consists of two or more cables with differing pin configurations, allowing communication between the devices it connects. Serial cables can be used for data transfer and control over short distances, such as connecting computers to modems, printers, scanners or other external peripherals.