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Network Tools

Network Tools

Are you in need of the right tools for your network maintenance? Look no further – our selection of high-quality Network Tools and Test Equipment is exactly what you need! Our wire strippers, crimp tools, punch downs and variety of tool kits allow you to safely and reliably do the job with speed. Benefits include decreased time spent looking for lost items due to our organized professional tool sets and having all the necessary tools in one convenient kit or bag. Get your job done quickly and correctly with these efficient Network Tools!

How to Use a Punch Down Tool

A punch down tool, also known as a impact knife or wire insertion tool, is used for inserting wires into insulation-displacement connectors (IDC). It is also used for removing existing wires from IDCs and for seating cables. To use a punch down tool, first insert the wire in the appropriate side of the IDC connector and then bring the punch down tool to bear on it forcefully so that the wires are properly engaged.

Terminating Network Cables with a Crimp Tool

Terminating network cables with a crimp tool is an easy and effective way to create secure connections. First, strip away the outer sheath of the cable and separate the braided shielding from the internal wires. Then, place the connector on the exposed wires and use the crimp tool to compress it securely. Lastly, trim any excess wire to ensure a neat finish.