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Keystone Wall Plates

Keystone Wall Plates

The Keystone Wall Plate is the perfect option to customize any room. With interchangeable modular jacks, it lets you create a flexible setup of networking components according to your needs. It offers support for video, data, telephone, and audio applications – making it a great choice for home or office environments. Plus, its evenly-spaced ports allow for easy installation of your keystone modules like couplers and connectors. 

- Supports keystone modules
- Easy installation & removal of module jacks
- Compatible with all standard keystone jacks
- Suits a variety of low voltage applications including data networks, HDMI/VGA/DVI cables & phone lines

- Versatile - Flexible set up ideal for home & office spaces
- Durable - Built with robust thermoplastic materials that won’t crack or split over time 
- Superior Quality - Ensures precise fitting & secure connection to wall outlets

How to Install a Keystone Wall Plate?

Installing a keystone wall plate is a fairly simple process. You'll need the tools and supplies necessary for installation including an electric drill, Phillips screwdriver, wall plate, and mounting screws. Start by drilling holes in the appropriate place for the wall plate using the drill bit size and pattern on the manufacturer's instructions. Then insert the mounting screws and screw them into place. Finally, attach the keystone wall plate to the mounted screws, then connect all your cables as needed and you're done!