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Cat6 Couplers

Cat 6 Couplers

Cat6 couplers are used to extend a signal from one Ethernet or network cable with RJ45 connectors to another. This is done by plugging two standard patch cables into each side of the cat6 coupler, thus connecting two pre-existing cables together. These couplers are designed for re-routing Ethernet cabling in home and office networks where extra cable length may be helpful. 

- Supports up to 10 Gbps Ethernet speeds
- Backward compatible with Cat5/5e cables 
- Shielded to minimize electromagnetic interference

- Increase your network’s overall performance by increasing its range and flexibility 
- Easy installation, allowing you to upgrade your current setup quickly 
- A cost effective solution for extending an existing Ethernet connection

What Are Cat6 Couplers Used For?

Cat6 couplers are an essential tool for building and connecting network infrastructures. They provide a secure, high-speed connection between two Cat6 cables, allowing for data transfer at 10 Gbps or higher over up to 328 feet of cable. Cat6 couplers are typically used in applications such as security systems, computer networks, home theatre systems, and more.

Does a Cat6 Coupler Reduce Speed? 

A Cat6 coupler should not reduce the speed of your network signal. However, it is possible that if the coupler isn't specifically designed or certified for Cat6 standards that it could disrupt your signal or cause other problems with your connection; therefore, you should only use certified Cat 6 compatible couplers to ensure the best performance.

How Long Can a Cat6 Cable Run Without Losing Speed?

A Cat6 cable can run up to 100 meters (328 feet) without losing any signal speed. To ensure optimal signal transmission, however, it is recommended to use a coupler between the two cables. Couplers act as connections between two separate cables and help to reduce signal loss even further, allowing you to extend the reach of your connection up to an additional 10 meters (32.8 feet).