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Cat5e Couplers

Cat5e Couplers

Cat5e couplers provide a way to join two lengths of ethernet cable together, allowing for the extension and customisation of cabling. This can be useful when considering future changes or expansions to a given network. Many configurable options are available in our range, appropriate for all installations given preference for shielded or unshielded cables, with single.

- Joins two ends of an ethernet cable together
- Can be used to extend network length
- Shielded or unshielded options available

- Allows you to configure your own customised cabling layout 
- Ensures network efficiency by maintaining optimal data flow speeds 
- Durable construction ensures long lasting and reliable performance

Do Cat5e Couplers Affect Performance?

Cat5e couplers are designed to join two Cat 5e cables to form one continuous cable. When installed correctly, there should be no impact on performance or loss of data that happens when using the coupler. In certain cases, however, if the coupler is not properly secured, it could lead to a reduction in signal quality and ultimately reduce performance.

How Far Can You Run Cat 5e Cable?

The maximum distance of an Ethernet cable using cat5e cabling is 100 meters (328 feet). This represents the maximum distance for data transmissions between two network devices. If the cabling is used in a patch panel configuration, then the total length of all cables connected to the patch panel cannot exceed 100 meters.