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Mini DisplayPort Adapters

Mini DisplayPort Adapters

Mini DisplayPort Adapters provide an easy way to make a connection between your laptop and external display. It allows you to connect a Mini DisplayPort compatible device (laptop, MacBook) to an HDMI display without the need for extra dongles and cables. The adapter supports up to 1080p resolution and is ideal for streaming media, gaming, and other home entertainment needs. 

- Connects your Mini DisplayPort computer or laptop to an HDTV, monitor or projector with HDMI input 
- Transmits audio & video from Mini DisplayPort Device  
- Supports up to 1080p resolution 
- Compatible with both Macs & PCs 

- Easy setup and connection – no extra dongles or cables required! 
- Enables mirroring of human content on a big screen display 
- Ability to switch between extended desktop or mirrored displays instantly