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Mini DisplayPort Cables

Mini DisplayPort Cables

These cables are perfect for connecting your Mini DisplayPort-equipped device (Macbook, Ultrabook, Surface Pro) to a HDTV, monitor or projector with HDMI. With support for 4K resolutions and up to 10 Gbps transfer speeds, these cables are ideal for streaming audio-video content at unprecedented levels of luxury and clarity.

- Supports 4K resolutions
- Up to 10 Gbps data transfer rate 
- Alloy exterior plug housing 
- Gold plated conductors

- Enjoy superior video and audio throughput without compromising on performance or quality  
- Stream high definition content quickly with no lag 
- Highest grade electronic components provide the most consistent signal delivery

What Is Mini DisplayPort and How Does It Work?

Mini DisplayPort (mDP or MDP) is a miniaturized version of displayport connector that is commonly used in modern Macbooks and PCs to connect audio and video signals. Mini DisplayPort cables provide a simple, secure connection between computers, displays, and other accessories with fast data transfers and support for high-definition resolutions.

What Devices Use a Mini DisplayPort (MDP)?

The Mini DisplayPort is used mainly with Apple devices such as the Macbook, iMac, and Mac Pro. The technology is also found on many Windows PCs and select televisions.