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IEC C14 to C15

IEC C14 to C15 Power Cords

Power cords are essential accessories when connecting IT hardware to a power source. The C14 to C15 power cord is used to connect computer components and other ICT hardware, such as servers, printers and displays, to a power source. It features a standard three-prong male connector (C14) on one end that plugs into the device’s port, and a three-conducting-pair female connector (C15) on the other end for a secure connection to the power source. 

- High quality design for reliable performance 
- Fitted with 3 conductive pair female connectors 
- Secure connector enables a safe connection

- Quick and easy installation 
- Safe connection ensures secure operation 
- Compatible with all popular mains from computers and other ICT equipment

What is an IEC power cord?

An IEC power cord is a type of electrical cable used to connect computer components and other electronic devices with an AC mains power source. IEC cords are common in offices, laboratories and homes as they provide a secure and reliable way to safely power computers, printers, displays, monitors and other devices.

What is RoHS Compliant?

RoHS is an acronym for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” which is a directive from the European Union that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS compliant IEC power cords are built using lead-free materials, further supporting environmental responsibility.