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IEC 5-15P To C13 Splitter

IEC 5-15P To C13 Splitter

The IEC 5-15P to C13 Splitter Cable is a heavy-duty cable adapted for use in server farms, computer equipment rooms, data centers and other specialized installation applications. With its zero stretch construction and ergonomic design this splitter cable provides maximum power effectivity when connecting multiple C13 end devices with one single power source.

- It is a 16AWG rated cord 
- Features one male plugging into an AC wall outlet 
- Has two equal length female ends allowing you to power up two C13 cable ends connected to your electronic devices 
- Compliant with environmental regulations such as RoHS

- Allows you to power up multiple C13 end devices simultaneously 
- Allowing one single AC wall outlet to accommodate up to double the number of outputs it usually offers 
- Reducing the amount of outlets needed for powering up numerous data or electrical equipment

What is an IEC power cord?

An IEC power cord is a type of electrical cable used to connect computer components and other electronic devices with an AC mains power source. IEC cords are common in offices, laboratories and homes as they provide a secure and reliable way to safely power computers, printers, displays, monitors and other devices.

What are the different IEC power cord connectors?

There are several types of IEC power cord connectors, including C13, C19, and C20 connectors, as well as 60320 plug configurations. Each design is made to support different wire gauges, current ratings, and safety standards. Additionally, the size and shape will vary between the various connector types.

What is RoHS Compliant?

RoHS is an acronym for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances” which is a directive from the European Union that restricts the use of certain hazardous materials in the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment. RoHS compliant IEC power cords are built using lead-free materials, further supporting environmental responsibility.