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HDMI Waterproof Cables

HDMI Waterproof Cables

These waterproof HDMI cables are the perfect solution for protecting your television and entertainment systems from water, moisture, dust and other elements. Made with a tough PVC casing that shields against damage while being lightweight and flexible. The built-in EMI rejection blocks interference from other nearby devices, so you can enjoy crystal clear picture quality no matter where you are.

- Waterproof connectors
- EMI Rejection for interference free enjoyment
- High speed data transfer rate of up to 10Gbps
- Thicker insulated walls for added protection

- With our waterproof HDMI cables you will be able to have access to fully immersive home entertainment in any weather condition or environment 
- Enjoy lag free video streaming and gaming from non compatible media devices 
- Perfectly suited for outdoor TV's and digital signage applications