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HDMI to Micro HDMI

HDMI to Micro HDMI

HDMI to Micro HDMI Cable that enables you to connect a wide range of devices with an Micro HDMI Male Type D connector and a standard HDMI Male Type A connector. Easily connect your mobile device, laptop, digital camera or tablet to your television. The durable construction of this cable ensures it is the ideal connection for transmitting digital video and audio data. 

- Compatible with HDTVs, monitors, and projectors 
- Personal media streaming on larger screens 
- 4K resolution support 
- Seamless digital delivery of data 

- Enjoy 1080p picture quality when watching movies or gaming on your TV from any compatible device 
- Supports up to 4K (UHD) resolutions for crystal clear images and videos 
- Impressive transfer speeds provided by High Speed HDMI technology for seamless streaming