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Active HDMI Cables

Active HDMI Cables

Get the most out of your time indoors by connecting your Blu-ray player, gaming console, streaming device or computer to your HDTV with an Active HDMI Cable. Featuring superior signal strength and 24K gold contacts, this active high speed cable ensures that you’ll experience ultra HD 4K resolution images in vivid clarity. It supports up to 18 Gbps data throughput for ultimate audio/video performance, making it the ideal choice for avid gamers and cinephiles in search of maximum quality and realism in their digital adventures.

- Up to 18Gbps data transmission rate
- 4K x 2K UHD Resolution support
- HDR Video Support
- 3D Support Enabled

- Provide quality audio and video transmission for devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, computers, TVs and more at an increased speed of 18 Gbps. 
- Enjoy stunning image clarity with Ultra HD 4K resolution in vivid colors. 
- Supports latest HDMI features including HDR video content and 3D streaming capabilities enabling a truly immersive viewing experience

What is the difference between active and passive HDMI cables?

The main difference between active and passive HDMI cables is that active cables have a chipset in the cable to boost the signal. This makes them ideal for runs of 40 feet or longer, as well as for resolutions higher than 1080p. Passive cables don't include any circuitry, but are suited for shorter distances or lower resolutions.