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HDMI Cables Adapters

HDMI Cables and Adapters

Get the right HDMI Adapter and Cable to ensure your audio and video components work together, so you can enjoy everything from streaming content online to gaming on a larger screen. Our HDMI Converters, Cables, Adapters are designed to give you the most out of your audio/video gadgets. We stock multiple types that convert digital audio and video signals for use with various components , such as projectors, TVs and PCs as well as a range of different cables for extending cables further.

- Wide selection of different lengths (1m, 2m, 5m...)
- Multi-port options (2 port HDMI Splitter) 
- Variety of types (HDMI Extension Cable, Mini HDMI Adapter) 

- Enjoy perfect picture quality with no lag or interference 
- Easy to install and use - just plug in and enjoy! 
- Versatile - compatible with most electronic devices 
- Durable - strong connection despite frequent setup changes

What are the different types of HDMi cables?

There are four types of HDMI cables, including Standard, High-Speed with Ethernet, High Speed and Ultra HD (or 4K). All types have different levels of speed and resolution that can transfer both audio and video signals. The highest quality cable is the Ultra HD type.

Types of Connectors Found With HDMI Cables

There are different types of connectors used for HDMI cables, including Type A (a common connector for Blu-ray players and TVs), Type B (an older, rarer version of HDMI), mini-HDMI (used on smaller devices such as laptops) and micro-HDMI (used on even smaller devices such as smartphones).

How Long is too Long for an HDMI Cable?

The maximum cable length for a standard HDMI cable is 50 feet with most cables achieving 40 to 45 feet. For lengths greater than 50 feet, you will need to use an amplified or booster cable.

What is the difference between active and passive HDMI cables?

The main difference between active and passive HDMI cables is that active cables have a chipset in the cable to boost the signal. This makes them ideal for runs of 40 feet or longer, as well as for resolutions higher than 1080p. Passive cables don't include any circuitry, but are suited for shorter distances or lower resolutions.