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Single Mode Duplex

Single Mode Duplex

Single Mode Duplex is a type of fiber optic cable which utilizes a core and clad layer to transmit light signals long distances over low losses. It's typically used for wide area network (WAN) connections, like between corporate buildings or connecting to an Internet provider. This type of cable has two strands - one for transmitting data and one for receiving data - making it great choice for applications that require bidirectional communications. 

- Core and Clad Layer – The core and cladding of single mode duplex have the same size 
- Low Losses – Lower optical losses than other types of fiber cables; optimal at 1310nm and 1550nm 
- Bidirectional – Two strands capable of transferring information in both directions 

- Provides superior signal strength and improved bandwidth – Perfect for businesses requiring more bandwidth for their WAN connections 
- Cost effective – Cheaper than installing two single mode fibers 
- Unparalleled performance – Supports faster speeds over bigger distances with low attenuation