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Thermal Paste

Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is used to reduce the amount of air gap between two surfaces to maximize conduction and reduce energy use. This product is designed for maximum thermal conductivity and improved heat transfer, allowing any computer component to work faster and extend its life. With a compound designed for use with both CPU's and GPUs, it allows efficient heat spread from processor to heatsinks without damaging components.

- High-performance thermal paste for CPUs and GPUs
- Compatible with all existing computers
- Improves heat transfer rate and lowers temperature 
- Non-conductive & electrically insulative 

- Prevent component damage due to overheating by improving the efficiency of cooling systems
- Reduce energy consumption of your components as well as improve their performance  
- Easy application allows anyone to install in minutes

What Is Thermal Paste and How Does It Work? 

Thermal paste is a compound used to fill air gaps between two heat-conductive surfaces, usually the processor and CPU cooler. When heat builds up inside your computer's hardware, thermal paste effectively transfers this heat to the CPU cooler, enabling it to act as a kind of heat sink.