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ABS Project Boxes

ABS Project Boxes

ABS Project Boxes are the perfect small plastic boxes for housing your electronics projects. With a wide range of sizes you can design a custom project box exactly to your spec. With our high-quality P/M (Pressure Molding) technology, we make sure that each and every ABS Project Box is scratch-resistant.

- High-Quality durable construction resists cracking, peeling and discolouration
- Easy Assemble:  includes all screws for assembly 

- Perfectly house any electronics project – create an ideal fit with these customizable boxes 
- Versatile uses from functional storage cases & enclosures

What Are ABS Project Boxes? 

ABS project boxes are pre-assembled electronics enclosures that are suitable for a wide range of electronic DIY projects. Designed with convenience in mind, these boxes come ready-made and include all necessary mounting holes and hardware, allowing you to get right to work on your project. They provide durable protection against the elements, shock, and dust ingress, helping to keep your project safe.