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Electronic Parts

Electronic Parts

Make your projects come to life with our selection of Electronic Parts. We have a wide variety of project boxes, thermal paste, battery clips, wires and more perfect for your hobbyist needs. Our selection is sure to make any project one step closer to completion. 

- Project boxes in different sizes/dimensions
- Thermal paste
- Battery clips & holders 
- Multiple types of connectors (banana plugs, etc.) 

 - High quality parts that can survive the wear and tear of electronic projects. 
 - Variety of sizes and shapes for better customization options. 
 - Ensure maximum performance and longer life span for your project.

What Is a DC Buck Converter?

A DC buck converter is an electronic device used to step down the voltage of a direct current (DC) power source. It is a buck-type switching regulator circuit that takes a higher voltage input and steps it down to produce a stable, lower voltage output. The converter operates by rapidly connecting and disconnecting the input voltage source to the output, creating pulsing direct current (DC) instead of steady DC. This process creates an electrical power transfer from the input source to the output load.

What Are ABS Project Boxes? 

ABS project boxes are pre-assembled electronics enclosures that are suitable for a wide range of electronic DIY projects. Designed with convenience in mind, these boxes come ready-made and include all necessary mounting holes and hardware, allowing you to get right to work on your project. They provide durable protection against the elements, shock, and dust ingress, helping to keep your project safe.

What Is Thermal Paste and How Does It Work? 

Thermal paste is a compound used to fill air gaps between two heat-conductive surfaces, usually the processor and CPU cooler. When heat builds up inside your computer's hardware, thermal paste effectively transfers this heat to the CPU cooler, enabling it to act as a kind of heat sink.