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DVI Cables Adapters

DVI Cables & Adapters

Looking to upgrade your monitors, TVs or projectors? Our selection of DVI cables and adapters have you covered! Our high-performance cables ensure your HD signal flows clear and crisp, with no interruption in technology. Choose from a wide array of sizes, styles and standards to fit any type of system—from analog to digital. And don’t forget about our easy-to-install DVI converters that can transform a basic connection into the perfect setup for all your devices.

- All Analog & Digital Formats
- Maximum Performance & Reliability
- Variety of sizes & Lengths
- Easy Installation & Setup

- Improve picture clarity & quality of signal transmissions  
- Establish secure connections without signal loss  
- Enable smooth video streaming among media components 
- Effectively connect HDTVs, Monitors & Projectors

What is a DVI Cable?

A DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable is a type of connection used to transmit digital video signals from one device to another. It uses a high-speed serial data link that supports resolutions up to 1920x1200. A DVI cable offers better image quality than an analog VGA connection and is usually used for connecting computers to monitors and televisions.

What is the difference between DVI single Link and dual Link?

DVI Single Link cables offer lower resolutions and fewer colors than DVI Dual Link cables. DVI Single Link cables are typically reserved for use on LCD monitors and lower-end graphics cards, while Dual Link cables can transmit larger resolutions and color depths suitable for HDTVs and higher-end graphics cards.

Can I Use a Single Link DVI Cable for Dual Link Devices?

No. A Single Link DVI cable has fewer pins than a Dual Link DVI cable and thus will not work for Dual Link applications, and vice versa. However, if you have a Dual Link connection but your device only supports Single Link, then a special adapter may be used to convert the signal from one type of connection to the other.

What is DVI-D ?

DVI-D stands for Digital Visual Interface and is a high definition video cable used to connect computers and displays. The data is in digital form and provides better resolution than analog cables, making it ideal for home theater or gaming systems.