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DisplayPort To VGA Cable

DisplayPort To VGA Cable

The DisplayPort to VGA Cable allows you to connect your display from a DisplayPort source device such as a laptop, computer, gaming console or projector to a VGA display. This cable provides the plug and play solution so you can enjoy the highest resolution possible on your VGA monitor. Its robust design with high-grade shielding ensures crystal clear signal quality for all your video applications.

- Plug & Play: No external power source needed
- Gold-plated contacts ensure clean signal transmissions
- High-grade shielding for maximum protection
- Support up to 1080p Full HD resolutions 

- Easily extend or mirror your display with this simple cable solution 
-Experience truecolor visuals that prevent image degradation while offering vivid and accurate color reproduction  
-Enjoy sharp images and videos with greater detail than other cables of lower quality

Can you do DisplayPort to VGA?

Yes, you can do DisplayPort to VGA with the use of a DisplayPort to VGA adapter. This type of adapter allows you to connect any device with a DisplayPort output (such as a laptop) to any display that has a VGA input (such as an HDTV or projector). 

Installing a DisplayPort to VGA Cable

To install a DisplayPort to VGA cable, first connect the DisplayPort end of the cable into your graphics card or laptop graphics port. Then connect the VGA end of the cable into your monitor's input port. Once connected, power on the monitor and select it as the primary display output device in Windows or macOS.