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DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort

DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort

This cable is used to connect a device with a mini-DisplayPort port such as a laptop or tablet, to a standard DisplayPort port such as those found on many computer monitors, TVs and projectors. The adapter enables you to send audio and video signals from the source device to the display device over a single cable connection. This is useful for activities like gaming, watching movies and editing multimedia files. 

- Connects laptops/tablets with mini DisplayPort ports to monitors/HDTVs with displaysports ports 
- Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p) at 60Hz
- Supports audio output when connected to an audio enabled monitor or HDTV 

- Easy Plug & Play setup - no drivers or software required
- Create an immersive gaming experience thanks to crisp imagery offered by the high resolution supported by this cable. 
- High Quality Picture & Audio - Enjoy seamless digital sound and image quality on your displaysport compatible devices.

What is the Difference Between DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort?

While DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort are often used interchangeably, they are slightly different connectors. They share many of the same features but have distinct differences. The main difference between these two digital display interfaces is size: Displayport is larger than its mini counterpart, which offers a more compact option for connecting devices.

Is DisplayPort Mini DisplayPort Bidirectional? 

Yes, both types of DisplayPort cables are bidirectional, meaning that the video and audio signals can be transmitted in either direction. This means that a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable can be used to connect a device with full-size DisplayPort output to an external monitor or projector with Mini-DisplayPort input.