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DisplayPort Extensions

DisplayPort Extensions

DisplayPort Extensions are cables which let you connect your computer to any modern HDTV or monitor. They provide a dedicated link between the two, bypassing any on-board adaptation within the device. Perfect for connecting computers with dual video outputs where it is inconvenient or impossible to use rotation support. With a DisplayPort Extension cable, you can create an immersive digital experience right in your living room!

- Built for high-bandwidth performance 
- Supports up to 8K resoltuion 
- Durable construction materials provides reliable connection quality 
- Compatible with all brands of TVs and monitors 

- Easy installation lets you start watching in no time  
- Plug and Play design for quick connections and no setup needed 
- Enjoy a clear, crisp HDMI signal that won't suffer from RF interference  
- Create an immersive digital experience in your own home

How Far Can a DisplayPort Extension Cable Extend the Signal?

High-quality DisplayPort Extension cables can extend the signal up to 10 meters (roughly 33 feet) without any loss in image or sound quality. However, for resolutions over 1920x1080 or refresh rates higher than 60hz, it is recommended to use an active cable extender to avoid any degradation in picture or audio quality.