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DisplayPort Cables

DisplayPort Cables

DisplayPort cables are specially designed for delivering HD quality audio and video to your TV or monitor. With 3 metres of length, the cables ensure uninterrupted signal transfer from your laptop or desktop to your display device. These durable, high-bandwidth cables are compatible with multiple types of displays including LED/LCD monitors, projectors and TVs. 

- Support up to 8K resolution
- High pixel rate of 32.4gbps
- HDMI 2.1 support for up to 48Gbps bandwidth
- Gold plated connectors for superior signal retention

- Get immersive visuals and sound with complete 4K/8K ultra HD experience 
- Does not require external power supply 
- Delivers fast data speed with less disruption in data transmission 
- Compatible with all visual mediums— computers, gaming consoles, streaming devices and so on

What Do I Need to Know About DisplayPort Cables?

DisplayPort cables are used to connect computers and other devices to displays such as monitors, projectors and TVs. They are a great choice for high-speed data transfer, ultra HD video signals and can even be used with multiple displays at once. To ensure you get the best performance from your display device it is important to pay attention to the cable length, type of connector available on your device and how many lanes (channels) your device supports.

DisplayPort vs. HDMI: What's the Difference? 

DisplayPort cables are designed to provide better picture quality than HDMI cables. They deliver higher resolutions, faster refresh rates, and increased bandwidth for greater color depth—meaning less "sparkle" in dark areas of the picture compared to HDMI cables. Additionally, many modern laptops support USB-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode, allowing you to connect a laptop to a monitor quickly and easily.