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Cat 6 Waterproof Couplers

Cat 6 Waterproof Couplers

These Cat 6 waterproof couplers protect your patch cables from moisture, dust and dirt with a single piece fully waterproof sleeve. Designed to be used outdoors or indoors in wet or dusty environments such as marinas, shipyards, boatyards and industrial settings! The Cat 6 Waterproof Coupler is perfect for ensuring reliable information exchange between two cables when using a RJ45 patch cable. 

- Dustproof & watertight design to IP68 rating – Connector has protections up to 3m underwater
- Compatible with Cat5e/Cat6a ethernet cabling series 
- Conforms with regulations of IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE802.3u and IEEE 802.3X

- Guarantee network stability and signal transmission for long distances in harsh weather conditions 
- Protector against signal interference caused by environmental factors 
- Easy installation – Plug & Play design allows easy replacement and removal of your connections

What is a Cat 6 Waterproof Coupler?

A Cat 6 waterproof coupler is a type of connector that is designed to be used in applications where moisture and other sources of contamination are present. It has three components: an outer jacket, a cable core and a pair of catalytic contacts. The jacket helps prevent contaminants from entering the interior of the connection while the catalytic contacts provide secure electrical continuity between two points. They are commonly used in outdoor networking as well as in industrial and automotive environments.