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BNC Connectors

BNC Connectors

BNC Connectors are a type of coaxial cable connector most often used in audi/video applications. The BNC connector provides a reliable, high-quality connection that is not easily disturbed or disconnected after being secured. With features such as an internal impedance of 50 ohms, quick connect/disconnect capability, and moldable body sleeve for strain relief; BNC connectors provide reliability perfect for studio work and professional broadcasting applications. 

- Low Loss Transmission for Video & Audio Applications 
- Quick Connect/ Disconnect Capability
- Moldable Body Sleeve for Strain Relief 

- Secure & Reliable connection 
- Excellent Noise Rejection over All Frequencies 
- Seismic Resistance to Vibration & Shock 
- Durable Shell Construction

  • BNC Connector RG6 Male Twist-On

    BNC Connector RG6 Male Twist-On

    RG6 BNC Male Twist-On Connector This BNC connector makes it easy to connect your cable system to a satellite receiver, antenna and other home entertainment devices. The simple twist-on mechanism allows for an easy installation with no soldering required...

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  • BNC ConnectorRG59 Male Twist-On

    BNC ConnectorRG59 Male Twist-On

    RG59 BNC Male Twist-On Connector Our BNC Connector RG59 Male Twist-On offers secure connections for your coaxial cables.This connector will simplify the termination of high quality coaxial cables for security cameras, CCTV systems and other types of low...

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  • BNC Coupler Female to Female

    BNC Coupler Female to Female

    BNC Dual Female Inline Coupler   The BNC Coupler Female to Female Connector provides a reliable, easy connection for any BNC-compatible system. This coupler is perfect for connecting two cables, quickly and with no fuss, in any pro audio or AV...

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  • BNC T Adapter

    BNC T Adapter

    BNC T Adapter The BNC T-Adapter is designed for a variety of purposes. It easily connects two telecommunications or networking devices with BNC male ports to a single device that has only one BNC female port. Features: - Nickel plated die cast...

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