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1/4 Inch Connectors

1/4" Connectors

1/4 Inch Connectors connects any two pieces of pro audio equipment together. Ideal for top quality connections in recording and live sound environments, they are designed to stand up to a lifetime of performance.

- Professional Nickel-Plated connectors
- Compact and discreet design 

- Durable construction withstands wear and tear 
- Easily facilitates long range connections with minimal signal loss 
- Can be used both indoors and outdoors

What is a 1/4 Inch Connector?

A 1/4 inch connector is an audio plug commonly used on musical instruments and other audio equipment. It typically consists of two sections — distinct black-plastic housings which each contain the metal contacts that make the electrical connection when plugged into a device. As their name implies, they measure around 6.35 mm (about one-fourth of an inch) in outside diameter.

What Are The Different Types of 1/4 Inch Connectors?

Answer: There are many different types of 1/4 inch connectors for all your audio and video needs, ranging from microphone jacks to TRS connectors. Microphone jacks allow you to plug in a dynamic or condenser mic, while TRS connectors are used for stereo audio applications.

Are 6.35mm and 1/4 Inch Connectors Compatible?

Yes, 6.35mm (1/4 inch) connectors are compatible because they are the same size, though they may look slightly different due to their different origins or manufacturers.