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Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

Computer and other electronics cleaning products are substances and tools used to remove dirt, dust, and stains from equipment such as keyboards,monitors, computers, and many other types of electronic equipment.

Canned air dusters, also known as Canned Air or Air Dusters, are a product used for cleaning or dusting electronic equipment that cannot be cleaned using other methods. Air dusters are ideal for removing dust, dirt and crumbs from equipment and other hard to reach areas. Another option other than the canned is are Electric Dusters. 

Screen Cleaning Wipes are used for removing dirt, fingerprints, and dust. A good quality screen cleaning can be used for multipurpose cleaning various electronic equipment such as  PCs, TVs, Smartphones, and other types of LCD and plasma screens.

Computer Vacuum Cleaners and brushes are particularly helpful tools to extract dirt and dust from the keyboard and hidden parts of the computer. Please note that household vacuum cleaners can be dangerous to a computer unless they have antistatic safety features.