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Rubber Rejuevenator

Rubber Rejuevenator

Rubber Rejuvenator is formulated with a unique blend of non-toxic ingredients that restore the appearance of natural and synthetic rubber surfaces. The special formulation provides superior cleaning, conditioning and protection to naturally revitalize any rubber surface. It leaves behind a protective layer which helps prevent future degradation from the elements and regular wear-and-tear.

- Repels dust, dirt, muck & grime
- Enhances natural beauty & shine
- Conditions & restores luster
- Non toxic formulation

- Restores the look of dull, dry, weather beaten rubber surfaces 
- Reduces discoloration caused by sun damage, oxidation or fading 
- Helps protect against UV rays, ozone & pollutants 
- Perfect for tires - car and bike; hoses; window seals; trim; gaskets; vinyl & more