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Electronic Freeze Spray

Electronic Freeze Spray

Instantly detect intermittent faults in electronic components and troubleshoot them quickly thanks to this powerful Electronic Freeze Spray. With high-grade propellant, it refrigerates like never before. The non-flammable formula protects against damage while producing quick and reliable results. This spray is widely used to reduce the elevated temperature of parts, evaluate electrical contacts and find potential points of failure in any circuit board or power supply.

- Non-flammable cold blast formula 
- High grade propellant 
- Reduces the elevated temperature of parts 
- Evaluates electrical contacts and components 
- Quick diagnosis of potential fault points 

- Find intermittent faults in electronic systems quicker and easier than ever before 
- Protect sensitive parts from overheating with a low risk solution  
- Get reliable testing results without damaging components

Can FREEZE SPRAY be used  for testing windows for seal failure?

Yes, electronic freeze spray can be used for testing windows for seal failure. In this test, the freeze spray is sprayed at a low pressure onto the seals of the window while also monitoring their response. If there is any seal failure, it should become apparent due to the change in temperature.