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Electric Air Dusters

Electric Air Dusters

Electric Air Dusters are the perfect way to keep your office, home and electronics clean. Fitted with a powerful motor for superior airflow, it is designed to quickly and safely blow-off dust and dirt from laptop keyboards, shelves, lint traps, bookshelves and more. Get a deeper clean that traditional compressed air spray cannot match.

- Powerful motor delivers a powerful blast of air
- Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
- Long power cord great for reaching hard to reach spots 

- Faster cleaning than traditional air blowers or compressed air cans  
- Can be used in places that are too difficult or dangerous for manual cleaning 
- Environmentally friendly - doesn't use any chemical sprays

Should You Use An Electric Air Duster To Clean Your Computer Equipment?

Electric air dusters are an effective tool for cleaning and maintaining computer equipment, as long as they are used correctly and in moderation. Using the electric air duster alone is usually not enough to clean out stubborn built up dust and debris; it should be used in combination with hand brushing or soft vacuum attachments. When using an electric duster, make sure to hold the product at least 10 inches away from the surface of your device, and be sure that the air flow is not too strong which could cause damage.