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CAIG DeoxIT Lubricants

CAIG DeoxIT Lubricants

CAIG DeoxIT Lubricants are the ideal way to keep your electrical components, assemblies, components and other metal surfaces in optimum condition. The protective film that provides superior light lubrication defends your parts against oxidation, corrosion and wear. No matter the environment or application, you can count on Caig DeOxit Lubricants to get the job done quickly and easily. With its non-flammable formula, it’s safe enough to use near sensitive electronics without fear of fire hazard. Stop worrying about gunked up connections -- pick up some of these high quality aerosol sprays today! 

- Non-Flammable Formula 
- Prolongs system life
- Protects against oxidation/corrosion/wear 

- Long lasting lubricant that won't evaporate 
- Safe for everyday use on sensitive electronic components 
- Improves performance by eliminating static electricity