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Cleaners / Lubricants

Cleaners/ Lubricants is a comprehensive line of the finest quality products including canned air, electronic freeze spray, rubber rejuvenator, electric dusters, and contact cleaner.. We provide a full range of cleaning products for maintaining electronic equipment and sensitive components. The specialized aerosol formulations allow for precision targeting and provide deep cleaning for applications with hard to reach areas. All of our cleaners/ lubricants are engineered to safely clean delicate surfaces.

- Canned air for removing dust and dirt
- Electronic Freeze Spray to cool & protect sensitive parts
- Rubber Rejuvenator to restore elastomers to original flexibility  & performance 
- Electric Dusters that quickly blow out contaminants from crevices 
- Contact Cleaner for the removal of oils & other contaminants without harm

- Quality porducts designed to effectively clean while prolonging the life of your electronics 
- Low VOC content formulas are friendly on the environment while providing superior results

What is 152a Propellant and Why Is It Used for Cleaners and Lubricants?

152a propellant is a propellant used in aerosol-based cleaners and lubricants. It contains propane, butane, as well as other hydrocarbons, which give it its lightweight yet powerful properties. It’s commonly used to help distribute the cleaner or lubricant from the canister onto surfaces, making it easier to clean or lubricate.

Caig DeOxit D5- The Best Contact Cleaner and Lubricant? 

Caig DeOxit D5 is widely considered to be the best contact cleaner on the market, as it has a fast-acting formula that effectively removes dirt, dust, and oxidation from electrical contacts. It also includes lubricating agents that leave a thin film on the surfaces to help prevent corrosion. Additionally, Caig DeOxit is safe to use on virtually all types of metal contacts, so it's suitable for a wide range of applications.

Does Dusting Your PC Make it Run Better?

Cleaning your computer is an important part of maintaining its performance, as dust and debris can build up over time and cause it to run slower. Regularly using air dusters can help remove dust that has built up on the internal components and help ensure the processor is running optimally.

The Benefits of a Rubber Rejuvenator

Rubber rejuvenators are a family of products used to restore the elasticity and durability of rubber materials. They help to protect rubber against cracking, stress, ozone, oxidation and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, rubber rejuvenators can help reduce the cost of replacing components or other maintenance costs.

Are Electric Air Dusters Worth the Cost?

Electric air dusters can be a great investment, as they are easier to use than other traditional cleaning solutions and can help you save time and energy. While there is a cost associated with purchasing the device, the cost of replacement filters and maintenance might make it more economical to invest in a high-quality electric air duster in the long run.