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Cable Ties

Cable Ties

Cable ties are an absolute essential for any modern home or office. These high quality cable ties are designed to hold multiple cables and wires together securely, so that you can easily organize cords in your workplace or living spaces. Our ties are manufactured with a UV-inhibitor finish to increase the life of the product while outdoors. 

- Heavy duty construction 
- Weather resistant 
- Quick and easy to use
- Variety of sizes available

 - Securely holds together multiple cables and wires which makes them useful for various applications including home, office and industrial settings. 
 - Offers our customers a neat and organized solution for messy wires while providing much needed safety in hazardous locations such as factories. 
 - Because it is weather resistant, it offers superior strength even if used outdoors under extreme conditions.

Are cable ties and zip ties the same thing?

Cable ties and zip ties are often mistaken for the same thing, but the two products have distinct differences. Cable ties are thicker, come in a variety of sizes, have an internal locking mechanism, and are typically used for heavier duty binding needs. On the other hand, zip ties are thinner, come in fewer sizes with a ratcheting design that allows for easier fastening and less bulk.