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Cable Management

Cable Management

Our cable management products are designed to make it easy to keep cords, wires and materials organized in any space. These versatile cord organizers quickly contain, hide and manage cords so your desk or workspace is clean and optimally efficient.

- Cable Socks for bundling cables of all shapes and sizes
- Nylon Hook & Loop Ties for securing cables with a solid bond that’s flexible to adjust as needed
-  Zip Ties for attaching cables securely.

- Quickly organize unruly tangles of cords, wires and materials into tidy bundles 
- Protect delicate cords from the potential wear and tear of nearby objects like chairs or computer towers 
- Move delicate items around easily while keeping loose wiring under control 
- Instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your workspace while freeing up much needed desk real estate

Cable Socks: The Best Way To Manage Your Cables

Cable socks are a type of cable management solution consisting of a flexible fabric case made from Lycra, nylon, or spandex that is designed to organize your electronic cables and cords. It helps to reduce clutter and keep cords tidy while maintaining their flexibility and access. Their lightweight design allows them to be easily installed and removed wherever it is needed.

What is Hook and Loop Cable Management?

Hook and loop cable management uses an adjustable straps with self-engaging hooks to create a tidy and organized cabling system. This makes it fast and easy to secure cables in whatever configuration you need. It also makes it easy to route cables around corners or make other adjustments when needed.