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What You Need to Know On Canned Air Dusters

What You Need to Know On Canned Air Dusters

Posted by Rontech USA on Jan 04, 2023

What You Need to Know On Canned Air Dusters

Blow Off 152-112-226 Canned Air Duster, Defined as Non-Flammable 10 oz canned air it is our all purpose sterilized cleaner that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from hard to reach places. Its ozone safe.

Getting any job done fast and cheap often requires nothing more than just the right tool. Take canned compressed gas, for instance. It’s inexpensive as long as you don’t buy it from the camera store. The product works great!.Here are a dozen jobs for which it works perfectly.

Recommended For: Computers • Keyboards • Sewing Machines • Photo Equipment • Cash Registers • Printers • Fax Machines • Copiers • Telephones • Lab Equipment • TVs • VCRs • Typewriters • Vacuums • Shredders • Scanners • Stereos • Watches • Clocks • Mailing Machines • Fans • Audio Equipment • Electric Razors • Sports Equipment • Musical Instruments • Guns • Desk Tops

Max Pro Blow Off Dusters are Made in the USA.

Are Canned Air Dusters Flammable?

Canned air dusters usually contain difluoroethane or trichlorotrifluoroethane, which are class B1 Flammable aerosols. To keep the propellant from igniting, it is important to always read and follow the instructions on the label when using any canned air duster and store them away from any heat source.

How long does a 10oz can of air duster last?

A 10-oz can of canned air should last around 20 minutes when used properly. When using canned air, set the can upside down and hold at an angle, releasing about a second of airflow each time. Canned air is meant to be used for short bursts and not held constantly.

Using Canned Air Dusters the Right Way

A canned air duster is a handy tool for removing loose dust and other debris from hard-to-reach places without damaging any of your valuable electronics. It is important to use the canned air in a safe and responsible manner. Start by aiming the nozzle away from yourself and any surrounding surfaces, holding it at least 6 inches away. Then press down on the can firmly and slowly to ensure a steady stream of air hits the debris you want to remove. Make sure to move quickly in order to avoid static build-up from prolonged exposure, which could damage delicate components. After use, store unused cans in an upright position with the lid fully closed for optimal performance during future uses.

Do Canned Air Dusters Really Get rid of Dust?

Yes, canned air dusters are a great way to get rid of dust without having to use rags or brushes. They can reach into hard-to-reach places that you otherwise may not be able to clean with traditional methods. When used as directed and in small doses, they are both safe and effective for removing dust from electronic equipment like computers and TV screens.

What's Inside a Canned Air Duster?

While compressed air and canned air dusters may look similar in appearance, they’re actually not the same thing. Traditional compressed air contains water vapor and particulates like dust, whereas canned air is composed of other types of propellants which are able to provide a more powerful blast to blast away dirt particles.

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