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How to Choose the Right HDMI Cables at Rontech USA

How to Choose the Right HDMI Cables at Rontech USA

Aug 1st 2019

Choose the Right HDMI Cables

Purchasing the right electronic gadget is confusing enough, but to purchase the right HDMI cable can become a long process if you don't know what kind of cable is required for your electronic device. HDMI cables are used to connect various types of electronic devices to the entertainment purpose audio video systems. With the help of this cable, you will be able to enjoy entertainment on your 4K television.

 HDMI Cable

Since technology changes every now and then, companies have come up with various types of HDMI cables to connect your electronic device to the latest version of 4K HD TV. There are various types of HDMI cables sold in the market, for example, a simple HDMI Cable, HDMI Adapter Cable, HDMI Slim Cables, HDMI Mesh jacket Cable, HDMI to DVI Cable, HDMI Redmere Cable, HDMI Highspeed Ultra 4k Extension Cables, HDMI mini male cable and the list goes on. These cables help you in connecting devices like Home Theatre, DVD or Blu-Ray player, PCs or Laptop, Projectors, Game consoles and more. This will provide you with a better environment to enjoy entertainment in various forms.

Since there are various types of cable, each type costs different in the market which depends upon the usage of the cable. An HDMI cable for connecting the laptop to the TV would cost less than the HDMI cable for a gaming console. Therefore one should know how to choose the right HDMI cable in order to fully utilize its benefits:

Types of HDMI

There are two types of HDMI cables:

HDMI standard cable: refers to a cable which helps in streaming 720p and 1080p video quality, which is the most common quality available in all the televisions across the globe. It is also the most common HDMI cable sold in the market. The prices are very reasonable and the warranty cover is valid.

HDMI Highspeed cable: refers to the cable which provides higher resolution than 1080p, i.e. either 1080p, 3DTV or 4K TV resolution. This type of cable is most suitable for consumers having a 4K TV at home or who have Blu-ray Player at home along with a Home Theater. However, the prices of these cables are a bit on the higher side but the quality is guaranteed.

There are two other types of HDMI cables, i.e. HDMI Standard Ethernet and HDMI Standard Automotive. HDMI Standard Ethernet is used for providing network connection along with the 720p and 1080p resolution videos on the television. Ever since Smart televisions were introduced, this type of cable is not being preferred in the market.

HDMI Standard Automotive is mostly used in cars for internal wiring, the navigation system and other audio video devices in the vehicle use this type of cable. It is not purchased separately as it is internal wiring in a vehicle, therefore, consumers do not purchase this type of cable for direct use. While understanding the types of cables available you will be able to understand which type of HDMI cable your electronic device requires.

If you want to connect your laptop/PC or a gaming console with a 4K TV, HDMI High speed cable is recommended for this type of usage. If you want to enjoy movies or want to connect your DVD player with your TV, the best option is to choose a Standard HDMI cable. Understanding the specifications and the signals routed by the HDMI cable, you will be able to choose the right cable for your entertainment device at home or in office. Buying the most suitable cable will provide you with the best performance with no lag on your devices.

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