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$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping through Rontech USA

$3.95 Flat Rate Shipping through Rontech USA

Jul 26th 2019


  • RONTECH USA has set the ground shipping rate at a price of $3.95. It is probably the most cheapest shipping rate among other online stores.
  • Other online businesses have a relatively high shipping price and it costs the customer a lot while receiving something, at the doorstep. But, we have the most affordable shipping rate. It is fixed. Our standard is to deliver your package at a flat rate shipping.
  • Our shipping rate is constant. It does not matter if you are living in a state far away, we charge the same shipping amount, even if your location is miles away from our warehouse.
  • We also have the same rates for international ground shipping. If you are somewhere near the United States of America and if it possible to ship your parcel via ground, the same shipping rate applies to you and that too, as low as $3.95.
  • The other benefit from ordering through us is that, you are not confined to purchase for a higher amount product, in case the amount you have spent is not eligible, to be shipped. We have no such policies. While, the other online stores have a minimum amount that makes an eligible shipment. You can buy anything without the stress of paying a hefty shipping fee.
  • Other than that, you are not bound to spend more for the package, to be delivered at your place. You can buy the cable having the minimum amount and we will deliver it to you in no time. It does not matter if your order is of a minimum amount or a maximum mount, we are entitled to ship the packaged parcel at your doorstep, at an affordable and probably the lowest fixed shipping rate. In case of other online stores, the shipment charges increase as the products in your shopping cart increase. But, we are completely against this policy and offer our customers with the lowest flat rate shipping.
  • By buying through us, you save some money on the applied shipping charges.