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XLR Adapters

XLR Adapters

The XLR adapter allows you to connect any devices, such as microphones, guitars or mixers with either an XLR or a 3.5mm Jack input or output. This allows the connection of different audio equipment, whether analog or digital signals from mixing consoles with microphones and instruments or from computers and devices.

- Compact design 
- High quality sound
- XLR Male To 3.5mm or 1/4" connectors

- Utilize multiple audio inputs and outputs
-Compact and light weight for easy use on the go 
- Increased flexibility for any studio setup  

What is an XLR Adapter? 

An XLR adapter is a device used to convert or connect cables with different types of connectors, such as a 3-pin XLR cable and another type of connector such as an 1/4 inch jack. They can be used for different audio and video equipment to connect devices with incompatible ports.

Do XLR Adapters Affect Sound Quality?

Generally, if the connection is solid and secure, an XLR adapter should not have a noticeable effect on sound quality. However, if there are any issues with the adapter—such as poor shielding or inferior components—it could create audio interference that will impact the sound quality.

What does XLR stand for?

XLR stands for "eXternal Line Return". It is a type of electrical connector used for audio, video and transfer of balanced power applications.