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Toslink Digital Cables

Toslink Digital Audio Cables

The Toslink Digital Audio Cables will take your HD Audio experience to the next level with its advanced construction and materials. These cables are designed with special low loss cable construction, gold plated connectors and an innovative optical lens design in order to provide superior transmission of digital audio signals. The cables also include high frequency bandwith, which is essential for sampling rate up to eight channels as well as twin optical monofiber capacitors, which help eliminate electrical noise and optimize signal integrity. Enjoy a truly remarkable audio listening experience with Toslink Digital Audio Cables! 

- Low loss cable construction
- Gold plated connectors for maximum accuracy
- Innovative optical lens design for superior signal transfer 
- High frequency bandwith for sampling rate up to 8 channels 
- Twin optical monofiber capacitors reduce electrical noise and optimize signal integrity 

- Optimized digital signal transmission
- Wide array of connection options from home theater systems, component audio components, gaming consoles up to Eight channel surround sound systems. 
- Connects digital audio devices over longer distances than traditional copper cables

What Is the Maximum Distance You Can Run a Toslink Cable?

The maximum distance you can run a Toslink cable is typically 16 feet (5 m). However, this distance may be limited by other factors such as the power and signal integrity of the connected device. Some cables are engineered for longer runs, so make sure to check with your manufacturer if you need to run your Toslink cable over greater distances.

Are TOSLINK and optical cables the same?

No. In terms of appearance, TOSLINK and optical cables look quite similar, but they are actually quite different. TOSLINK cables use a standard optical connector that is compatible with most audio devices where as optical cables use a multi-fiber cable for improved performance and stability.