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RCA Cables

RCA Cables

RCA cables are one of the most common and versatile cables used in home audio and video applications. They allow you to connect two devices such as a TV and a DVD player for true digital surround sound or two speakers for stereo audio. These cables are designed with two connectors on either end, allowing for easy connection without any additional tools. Their durable build ensures that your connections won't be disturbed by signal interference or oxidation, providing you with high quality audio and video transfer every time. 

- High-grade construction shields from signal interference
- 2 or 3 connectors on either end for easy connection 
- Available in various lengths to meet your needs

- Easy to set up and use 
- Produces crystal clear sound quality 
- Allows user to enjoy an immersive audiovisual experience

All About RCA Cables 

RCA cables, also referred to as twin-lead cables or audio/video cables, are commonly used for connecting audio and video components together. These cables are multi-pinned connectors that provide a quality connection for passing audio and video signals securely between two devices such as a television, DVD player, VCR, Blu Ray player, stereo receiver, satellite box and more.

Are Gold RCA Cables Worth It?

Yes, gold plated RCA cables are better than regular cables in terms of sound quality and durability. Gold plating is known to reduce resistance and increase signal transfer, making it the ideal material for a good connection between audio components. Gold also acts as a guard against oxidation which helps extend the life of your cables and ensures you'll have reliable performance for years to come.

What Does RCA Mean On Cables?

RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, an electronics manufacturer responsible for creating the first consumer audio and video products using a combined two-channel system.

What Do the Colors of RCA Cables Mean?

The red, white and yellow connectors on RCA cables help identify what type of audio or video signal is being sent. The red plug carries the right channel audio signal, while the white one carries the left channel audio signal. The yellow connector carries a composite video signal that combines both video and audio signals.