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3.5 mm TRRS Audio Cables

3.5mm TRRS Audio Cables

These compact, flexible cables allow you to listen to your favorite audio devices in high-end sound quality. Whether you're connecting a laptop or Smartphone to the sound system at home or plugging in a USB microphone for podcasting on the road, our 3.5mm TRRS cables are ideal for all occasions. Built with premium materials and hardware, these cords stay reliable even after years of tough use and regular plugging/unplugging.

- Fully molded plugs and strain relief
- Universal compatibility with all standard audio devices

- Enjoy superior sound quality without any interference 
- Compact design with no unnecessary bulk and mess
- Plug into any device without worry of corrosion or oxidation damage

What Is The Difference Between TRS Cables (2-Ring) and TRRS (3-Ring) Cables?

The difference between a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable and a TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve) cable is the addition of a third conductor. A TRS cable has two conductors while a TRRS cable has three, which allows for stereo sound as well as other audio or video signals such as a microphone.