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3.5mm TS Mono Cables

3.5mm TS Mono Cables

3.5mm TS (Tip-Sleeve) mono cables are a type of audio cable commonly found in recording studios. They are specifically designed for carrying mono signals, usually from an instrument to an amplifier or mixer. The cable is strong and durable, and provides clear signal transmission without any interference or noise thanks to its shielded wire core.

- Strong & Durable Construction
- Clear signal transmission with minimum interference or noise
- Compatible with various audio equipment 
- Flexible and easy to use

What are 3.5mm TS Mono Cables?

3.5mm TS mono cables, or Tip-Sleeve cables, are commonly used to connect audio devices like guitar pickups and amplifiers to speakers and recording devices. They feature a male connector on one end, with a tip and a sleeve that connect with their corresponding female connector on the other end. These cables have a single wire channel, making them ideal for transmitting mono audio signals without any interference or noise.

An Overview of the Different Types of 3.5mm Jacks

There are four types of 3.5mm jacks: stereo, mono, TRS (tip, ring, sleeve), and TRRS (tip, ring, ring sleeve). Stereo is the most common type and is used for headphones with two channels of sound. Mono is used for one-channel headsets such as those used for making phone calls. TRS is commonly used in audio equipment with two signal outputs such as microphones and keyboards. TRRS is often seen on modern mobile devices with an integrated microphone and headphone combo port.