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3.5mm TRS Audio Cables

3.5mm TRS Audio Cables

 These 3.5mm TRS audio cables provide the highest quality connection for transmitting digital audio signals from one source to another. They are designed with a special corrosion-resistant connector, ensuring long-lasting connection and reliable signal transfer. Featuring a convenient plug-and-play design, these cables require no setup or extra equipment to start using them. Compatible with all types of devices, they are ideal for connecting phones, laptops, tablets and more!

- Durable nickel connections
- Plug & Play design
- Ideal for phones, tablets and laptops

- High quality sound transmission between devices
- No need for additional setup or equipment
- Corrosion resistant connector ensures long lasting connection

What Is The Difference Between TRS Cables (2-Ring) and TRRS (3-Ring) Cables?

The difference between a TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) cable and a TRRS (Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve) cable is the addition of a third conductor. A TRS cable has two conductors while a TRRS cable has three, which allows for stereo sound as well as other audio or video signals such as a microphone.