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3.5mm Adapters

3.5mm Adapters

3.5mm adapters are the bridge between audio devices with different kinds of jacks. From something as simple as connecting a pair of headphones to your favorite smartphone to something as complex as connecting multiple drum machines together, these tiny adapters make it happen! Whether you need mono or stereo formats, mini phone plugs, firewire connections, or any other type of cable combination, 3.5mm Adapters have got you covered!

- Supports Stereo and Mono Audio Devices
- Connects Different Audio Jacks Types 
- Compact and Durable Design 

- Quickly connect audio between different audio devices 
- Create an easy setup with minimal wires when needed 
- Make sure you always have reliable connections

An Overview of the Different Types of 3.5mm Jacks

There are four types of 3.5mm jacks: stereo, mono, TRS (tip, ring, sleeve), and TRRS (tip, ring, ring sleeve). Stereo is the most common type and is used for headphones with two channels of sound. Mono is used for one-channel headsets such as those used for making phone calls. TRS is commonly used in audio equipment with two signal outputs such as microphones and keyboards. TRRS is often seen on modern mobile devices with an integrated microphone and headphone combo port.

What is the difference between TRS and TRRS?

The most common 3.5mm audio adapters are the TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) and the TRRS (tip-ring-ring-sleeve). The main difference between these two is that the TRRS adapter contains four contact points while the TRS adapter only contains three, allowing it to carry a stereo signal. In addition, the TRRS adapter is necessary on microphones or headsets with an inline mic/volume control as this requires the extra connection point.