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1/4 Inch TS Mono Cables

1/4 Inch TS Mono Cables

1/4 inch TS (Tip-Sleeve) Mono Cables are the industry favourite for audio connections. These cables are designed to deliver the best sound quality in any situation whether you're connecting instruments, electronic drum machines and sampling devices, mixing consoles or amplifiers. The copper conductors make sure that signal transfer is smooth and uninterrupted while the durable connectors provide maximum protection against wear and tear.

- Copper conductors
- Nickel plated connectors
- Shielded cable construction

- Maximize sound quality with clear signal transfer
- Rugged design for lasting performance

What are 1/4 Inch TS Mono Cables?

A 1/4 Inch TS Mono Cable is a type of audio cable used to connect an audio device, such as a microphone, to a sound system. These cables feature two unbalanced outputs for connecting to mono or stereo equipment, and are typically constructed from high-grade copper conductors with nickel plated connectors.TS stands for Tip-Sleeve, meaning that the outermost conductor has a "tip" connection at one end and a circular sleeve connection at the other end. This type of audio cable is used in professional recording settings where signal continuity and low noise are critical.

What Does TS in Mono Cable Stand For?

The term "TS" stands for Tip + Sleeve, and it is the most commonly used TS mono cable type. These cables are used to carry stereo signals from one point to another and feature two conductive parts inside them - a tip, which transmits the signal, and a sleeve which acts as the return path for the current flow.